Frontier Games


We are a community that caters to career and family oriented adults of all skill levels where casual gaming or competitive matches are equally easy to experience.

There are no trials, clan hang-ups, fees or any other requirements beyond participation. Your participation and support make the place better for everyone.

If you like the idea of being able to schedule your game time to fit in to your busy life while also being able to have conversation and random game sessions whenever your calendar allows then get started by joining us and saying "Hello!".

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COMMSMaking it easy to interact

We use Discord for text and Voice communications and have had over 400 users come through our doors in the last few months of using Discord.

It's free, it let's you join with two clicks and works in your browser (so you don't have to install anything) or you can download the application to run on your desktop machine or phone to stay in touch.

It's as simple as connecting so go ahead and come visit us!

Frontier Games

OUR STORYEighteen years old

May 4th, 1998: After messing around for a while, a group of us decided that we were of 'like mind' and decided to partner up and combine our gaming experience under one name.

May 4th, 2016: Having maintained a core membership for eighteen years across casual, amateur, semi-pro and professional e-sports activities we formed to share our experience with others who have a similar view on how they would like to spend their game time.

Spend your game time well

SCHEDULETeamwork fun

On top of having a regular group of people hanging around up for games anytime we run scheduled events that deliver a heightened level of organization, everyone is welcome but we ask that people be punctual so as to guarantee placement.

Overwatch is here!
Frontier Games Staff

STAFFDedicated volunteers

Nothing we do would be possible without the generosity of helping hands. This group is united in their pursuit of giving us all a good place to enjoy. If you need assistance or would like to join staff please get in touch with them directly in Discord.

Speak to any of them